Our 2016 Goals

Self Sustainability

We plan to bring the three families we work alongside of to a place of total financial independence using micro-finance projects. This means we no longer give them a monthly support, and they can focus on what God has called them to do instead of worrying how they will pay rent and feed their families.

Leadership Development

We will continue to develop the leadership skills in all four men, as Trae continue the work he has started. With the women, Annie will start to develop relationships with the wives, where she can be a source of encouragement for the women to minister to others.

Ministry Projects

We will begin the new semester at the Bible Colleges with Geoffrey and Hannington at the beginning of this year. Furthermore, we plan to solve the challenges that arose last year and continue to preach the truth to the students. With John, we plan to continue to work more closely to him in leadership development as well as helping him start the process for opening a school for children with disabilities.