Donation FAQs

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. Christ Life Missions is a government certified nonprofit (meaning we have our 501(c)(3) license). At the end of the year you will receive a receipt from the Christ Life Missions office to use for your own tax purposes. So frame it and show off to your friends to make them feel bad!

If I don’t want to donate online, is there another way to give?

If you want to donate but don’t trust your personal information on the Internet, you can still send money the way our forefathers intended…by mail!

Just send a check to:

Christ Life Missions
PO Box 12401
Wichita, KS 67277

Make the check out to Christ Life Missions.

In the memo line at the bottom, make sure you write Kenyan Missions Development.
(Fun Fact: According to IRS rules, checks cannot be earmarked to go to a certain person or family. The only specification you can make is what project the money is donated to. Putting the above phrase in the memo line ensures that we as a couple get the money and you get the deduction.)

DO NOT put either of our names anywhere on the check (the IRS wont like that).

Does Christ Life Missions take a percentage of the money that is donated? Do we pay administrative fees? How much of the donated money goes directly to us?

The short answer is this: we get 100% of all donations that come in towards our ministry in Kenya!

The longer answer is this: Christ Life Missions does NOT demand any money for administration costs or any other fees. That being said, we feel that they should receive a little bit for the hard work and logistical support we receive from the administrators who handle all of our accounting and tax needs (they work very hard and have day jobs). However, the administrators are too humble to take that money for themselves, so they use the money to help financially support two of the men in Kenya that we are working with.

For the confused: Christ Life Missions doesn’t ask for money from their missionaries. Adrianne and Trae do give a small portion to the organization. The organization doesn’t use the money for themselves and gives it to support indigenous leaders in Kenya.

For those who are STILL confused: Adrianne and Trae get 100% of all donations that come in!

I am interested in setting up a automatic monthly direct deposit donation. How can I do that?

To set up a recurring payment, just start the regular process of donating by clicking on the “Donate to Us” from our home page. From there, under the “Donation Information” heading, choose or type in how much you would like to donate automatically every month. Below that, check the box that says “I would like this donation to automatically repeat every month”. Then fill out the rest of the form as usual, and click the “Donate” button to direct you to the Christ Life Missions PayPal amount. Finish the process there, and then you are set up to donate monthly without having to remember!

Don’t worry…starting this process does not sign you up for life with no turning back. If later you would like to change your amount or stop the automatic donations, please fill out the contact box below and we will help walk you through it!

Was your question unanswered?

If your question was not answered on this page, please contact us and we would love to answer it!