Bolt and Dash: An Escaped Life

This month’s update is all about the antics of Adrianne and the dogs. This month’s prayer request is for Trae as he deals with all of the antics.

A missionary friend and fellow Kansan has a ministry with her husband to teach the arts to local children’s homes. Adrianne has recently started helping develop an art program in addition to their current dance, instrument, vocal, and drama programs. As the students advance in the program, Joshua Blueprint focuses on seriously teaching important skills, fostering confidence, and showing them how they can worship God in different ways. Last month they moved to their own facility, and Adrianne kicked off the start of the visual arts program by painting a mural with the kids. It has been such a joy for her to spend time with the students every weekend and form relationships. Most of these kids never had the chance to create art before, and their excitement when they come into the art classroom is inspiring. Adrianne blames the sometimes unbearable heat in the room on all that creative energy. Is it even Africa if you aren’t sweating?

We checked on our corn and bean crop growing in a new spot on Mount Elgon this season. By now Adrianne should just know to be prepared at all times for a trek up and down what seem like an entire mountain range in the blazing African sun, but she still never is, so she earned her “Hiked in Skinny Jeans” scout badge. The good news is that our change in location was a blessing in disguise because our fields have flourished despite the drought in East Africa. The bad news is that all the entrances into the fields were through ruthless brier bushes, and Adrianne got trapped in all of them.

In other news, our compound is the new snack hot spot for some local monkeys. Because who doesn’t love an afternoon snack of guac? With her birthday money, Adrianne bought a nifty washing machine, with a “rat proof base” as the sticker on the front of it boasts. It’s just really good news all around. Minus the part where she flooded the living room the first time she used it. But after being moved outside, the washing machine has magically decided to cooperate. The best part is that it spins the clothes so we don’t have to wait a week for our jeans to dry in rainy season! Hallelujah. As for Bolt and Dash, this month they decided to start a habit of escaping the compound every night and come back the next morning beat up from fights, which resulted in their worst nightmare: the chains. We will never know if sneaking out to meet pretty lady dogs was actually worth it. As observed in the picture, 2 Chainz over here are too dumb to know that they are stepping on their owns chains and preventing themselves from moving. As they are learning, sometimes the only thing holding you back is yourself.

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  1. Love all the updates! God is working in amazing ways.
    Annie- your turn next time for updates!! Turn about is fair play!!
    The artwork is incredible- you are using your talents. Yay for “rat proof” washing machine.
    Prayers daily.
    Much love,

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