June 2017 Prayer Requests

It’s officially summertime! While you all are breaking out your swimsuits in the US, Adrianne is over here in Kenya wondering why once again she did not seem to pack enough sweaters for this mountain weather!! We can’t believe we are already entering our seventh month since arriving last year.

Adrianne had been dealing with an arm infection for the last two months, which finally ended in an emergency trip to Nairobi to see a specialist. Without good healthcare in the more rural areas, overcoming bad health can sometimes be more difficult of a process than it should be. The good news is that she is finally almost healed and feeling back to normal. Thank you all for your prayers.

The Continuing Drought

Last month we posted information about the current drought in Kenya to ask for prayers, and we wanted to give an update. The small piece of good news is that it is has started raining in our area, which we, including the farmers, are so thankful for! However, half of the counties in Kenya are still experiencing extreme drought and food shortage. As of May 26, more than 2.6 million Kenyans are food insecure, and malnutrition rates are 30 percent, which is double the emergency threshold. Also, because 3 million people lack access to clean water and are flocking to others areas because of dried up resources, there have been disease outbreaks such as cholera and measles. We encourage you to take a quick glimpse at this World Vision article to see the effects of the drought on Kenyan families in the most rural areas.

Please also pray for Trae and Adrianne’s hearts and attitudes. Though we have lived here in Kenya for a couple of years, adjusting to life in a developing country and keeping perspective is always a constant struggle. Even while seeing poverty everyday, it is can sometimes still be difficult to not fall into the American mindset and complain about insignificant problems in comparison, like not being able to find items on our grocery list in town.

A praise: we took a risk of moving our farming microfinance project for the school for the blind to a field further away on Mt. Elgon, but the area has been receiving great rain! We are very thankful that our bean project is still moving forward in light of the drought.

A Growing Family

Martha had been pregnant with twins, and she went into labor this May. Unfortunately, Martha and Geoffrey lost one of the baby girls during childbirth. Please pray as their family continues to heal from the grief and that they have a strong support system to help them. We were able to help them have a service for the baby girl. A praise is that Martha left the hospital healthy despite the complications. They brought home a healthy baby girl and named her Precious. Please pray that Precious stays healthy, and that the family is able to easily transition into life with a new family member.

Project Expansions

We have invested into more microfinance projects for Geoffrey and Hannington as their needs have continued to grow. We are praying that their businesses are able to jumpstart and that the guys see immediate results. Often, finding (paying) job opportunities in more rural areas can be difficult. Please pray that their projects and machinery are protected from outside forces. We are also starting to get very serious about budgeting with the guys, so pray for wisdom in us as teachers and them as students.