March 2017 Prayer Requests

Happy March! After a brief sugar coma from consuming too much King Cake on Mardi Gras, we are back online. About that: We learned that it is ridiculously easy to make homemade cinnamon rolls, which is something we should never have discovered. And by “we”, we mean Adrianne. There is an expected decline in her health over the next year after a steady diet of cinnamon rolls. Enough about cinnamon rolls, even though they are the best food on the planet.

Thank you for all of your prayers since the start of the New Year. If you hadn’t heard, we finally got our own motorbike this week and have been successfully practicing with it around our neighborhood/suburb area. I’m sure our mothers would point out that our safety on the motorbike is still a prayer request and will be until the end of time. But if you are looking to add some more ideas on what to pray about for us in Kenya, here they are!

Honesty About Finances

John has asked for prayers for accountability. When we have projects, he desires to have the right attitude in his heart towards money. In poverty culture, sometimes the pursuit of getting money can take precedent over helping your community. We have never had problems with John in the past, but we are thankful that he understands the burden of a microfinance project and that being honest is a high priority for him.

Patience With Projects

We are in the midst of preparing for two huge microfinance projects with Geoffrey and Hannington. This is very important for their families because of their current financial positions, and they are impatient because these projects mean stability for them. We ask for prayers for the guys as they learn that investments take time, as poverty culture does not teach you about the relationship between time and investments. Also, that they have patience with us as we as a couple go through the fundraising process. On our end, please pray that we don’t get frustrated. It can be disheartening to be in a position where you want to help someone but don’t have the money.

Health for Families

It’s been a rough season for Geoffrey’s and Hannington’s families. Hannington was recently diagnosed and treated for ulcers, so pray for his recovery. Geoffrey and Martha have found out they are having a surprise baby. Martha is older and having some complications, so pray for safety and proper medical treatment for both her and the baby. Both families are in a stressful stage in life dues to finances, so pray for physical peace and healing.