January 2017 Prayer Requests

It’s a new year, and already so many of our prayer requests that we brought to you while visiting the States this fall have been answered! We brought concern to our friends and sponsors about having consistent water when we returned, and after a couple of visits from the fundi (a general purpose handyman), we have had much more luck. Also, we were worried about having other missionaries to be in community with, and we already feel like we have that support and friendship from those around us that we continue to meet. Thank you for your prayers! The hubbub of the Christmas season has died down and so continues our work, which requires much prayer.

Discernment about Money Issues

Mo’ money, mo’ problems, am I right?? We are working to make the financial sustainability projects with Geoffrey and Hannington more stable, but often times in a developing country where the workforce is very informal that can be a challenge. We are praying for how to best deal with barriers that arise that we don’t have control over. We trust that there is a way forward, but we don’t yet know what it is.


Speaking of stability….reliable transportation has also become harder to come by for us as of recently. (Are you noticing a trend yet?) We are asking for prayers for the opportunity to continue with our lessons on how to drive a motorbike so that we can purchase our own. Which includes safety in our learning! The streets can be a bit crazy here, folks. Until then, we need the matatus to be timely or that piki piki rides can be found for an affordable price.

Housekeeper Training

To make a very long story short, some fellow missionaries we were close to moved back to the States after a year here. However, the 19-year-old girl who helped them around the house was someone who they had sponsored since she was 9 to go to school and have a home off of the streets. They have to leave kind of suddenly, so Adrianne is helping train the girl to be a housekeeper so she can continue to have a source of income when she has few other options. It’s been a struggle and Adrianne is asking for patience, patience, more patience, and wisdom on how to handle situations.