November 2016 Prayer Requests

‘Tis the month of pumpkin pie! What a time to be alive. We are happy to be here in the States for the last few weeks to celebrate our time back with our family and friends (and cat), but we are also anxious to return to our home in Kenya. Leaving our job for several months is less than ideal, but meeting with sponsors and receiving encouragement was re-energizing and much needed. Thank you to everyone who has helped welcome us back to America; we are so blessed by the people we are surrounded by! Our brains are starting to shift back to Kenya though, and our biggest prayer requests this month are for our transition back.

Finalizing the Fundraising Process

This is obviously at the top of our list because fundraising is the main reason we needed to visit the States, and we can’t go back until we meet our goal. We have lofty goals because this time around we want to stay twice as long in Kenya! (Translation: we gotta raise twice the $$$). Fundraising is a difficult thing to do, so please pray for us to not be anxious during this season of ministry. Also, pray for God to not just send people with big checks to us, but rather people who are equally passionate about what we are working towards and will support us in different ways.

The Fun of Traveling Internationally

We aim to leave by the end of November if our above prayer request is answered. Adrianne’s mom and church while growing up (shoutout to WRBC) always prayed for the 3 S’s of trips, and with our handy guide you can, too! SAFETY: Airports can be scary places these days. Pray for us to be alert and aware of our surroundings as we navigate our way through the US, Europe, and Kenya. SANITY: There are many things that can make you irritable while traveling…deciding what to pack (is pumpkin pie TSA-approved?), not getting much rest on the plane, literally everything about airports, etc. Pray for us to not feel calm and not crazy! SOUNDNESS OF VEHICLE: Please pray that all of our flights run smoothly and on time, as well as good weather while we fly.

Goals for Our Next Year with the Guys

This month our boss/mentor/”our guy” Doug has challenged us to begin thinking about where we want to go with discipling the team of Kenyans we work with. They have grown and learned a lot since we have been with them in Kenya, and we want to continue to push them and foster that growth. We are praying about where the guys need to begin to shift spiritually in the upcoming year, and how we can best disciple them.

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