August 2016 Prayer Requests

Last month we asked for prayers of patience, and we certainly were given many opportunities to practice it in July. Between family issues with some of the guys we work with, dealing with finances, and getting lost multiple times while walking across Addis Ababa, we’re practically experts at having patience. Just kidding – we’re human. August is bringing us a whole new set of challenges to continue practicing patience!

Beans for the Blind Project

We are thrilled that our recent fundraiser brought us above and beyond what we needed for our brand new micro-finance project! (Another post is to come with more info). The beans are being planted this month, and we are praying for the right amount of rain – not too much, not too little. We aren’t expert farmers (though we are quickly becoming them we’d like to think), but we know enough to say that we don’t want our sprouts to shrivel up and die. Since this is our first big project with these two particular men, we are also wanting this to be a positive experience so that it brings us together as a team even more.

Peace While Preparing for the US

Moving back and forth between countries throughout the year can be very stressful, and we want to make sure that we get all of our ducks in a row before coming back. During this time it hard to focus because our brains are thinking about multiple things on more than one continent all at one time. We have a deadline with our tickets bought, and we are praying that we are able to prepare all of the men we work with, their projects, and our home for our leave of absence. We also want to be prepared while packing and for all of our meetings when we return.

Energy to Keep Going

The end of the year is usually the most difficult (we’re looking at all of you teachers out there, you know what we mean) and we are starting to drag. Maybe it is partially withdrawals from the 500 cups of coffee a day Adrianne drank in Ethiopia (the legends are true…coffee there is undeniably the best). Our last month is big though, and it will require more than just coffee! We are asking for prayers that we do not get burnt out and have the energy to keep going in our ministries.