July 2016 Prayer Requests

After not updating our website for many moons, we are glad to finally be back in the swing of things as life goes back to normal after weeks of traveling. (Well, for 2 weeks until we have to leave the country because of visa reasons.) We have decided to do something different with our prayer requests. Of course, please always be praying for our health and safety and consistent electricity so our freezer stops defrosting every three days and other typical missionary problems that anyone living in a foreign country has. But sometimes when you are a missionary and people ask what you need prayer for, the first things that always come to mind are external issues that affect us like “Someone keeps stealing my clothespins” or “I haven’t showered in a week because of a water shortage”. We think maybe that internal struggles don’t get mentioned because of A. human pride and B. it’s just not as dramatic sounding we suppose. People are amazed when you haven’t showered for a week. (People do that?) (Yes, people do that, Adrianne’s done it many times.) But what is going on inside of Adrianne and Trae is very important, and quite honestly affects our ability to keep our ministry going more than how often we shower. So this month (and beyond), please pray for what is going on inside of our hearts as well, because sometimes being a missionary very far from home is a lot harder than it sounds. Here are our three prayer suggestions:

Patience with Projects

It often feels that projects that might take about 20 meeting in the States taking about 400 meetings here. Sometimes progress is just really…slow. We’ve been struggling with being content with starting small and also helping the Kenyans understand that as well. Cultural differences can get a bit frustrating, and sometimes we just need some prayer for patience. Also, for patience that we are trusting God in the process, even when we can’t see where the end is.

Patience while Traveling

Are you noticing a pattern here? When we thought about what our prayer requests were this month, patience came up repeatedly. We have to travel out of the country this month to Ethiopia because Adrianne’s work visa has not been processed yet. Adrianne has already calculated that she packed her suitcase seven times last month already, and traveling can be exhausting. Please pray for us as we travel to an unknown place this month and for patience with the process.

Patience at Home

Often we most need prayer for our day to day lives. Frustrating things can build up until we are cranky and burnt out. Some days are harder than others, like when the electricity decides to turn off for 6 hours right after we start dinner in the crockpot. We aren’t asking you to pray for better infrastructure or for the bugs to go away or for the store in town to have foods we can find in America or for people to stop stealing things from our compound. We just ask for prayer for patience, because our attitudes towards each other and our surroundings are more important.

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