May 2016 Prayer Requests

It has been quite a busy month of renewing work visas, eating termites, and attending lizard funerals. It has quieted down in our neighborhood as two of the men involved in several robberies last month were caught, and the feeling of anxiousness on our compound has subsided. The dogs are still on guard though, and they enjoy barking at giant birds in neighboring compounds. The rainy season right now means it is planting season for farmers, and though things have slowed down a bit for us, there is still much to pray for.

Learning to Drive a Motorbike

After using often unreliable transportation to maneuver our way around western Kenya, we will finally be buying a piki piki (also known as a motorbike) which is very popular to own here. Driving can be hectic here as there are no stop sign or traffic lights, or really any road rules at all. Please pray for us as we learn to drive and quickly become accustomed and alert to the busy traffic and the uneven roads. Also, pray for Geoffrey’s patience as he teaches us how to drive his piki piki! We are quite excited to finally have our own transportation and rely less on other means which can be dangerous and nauseating.

Building Up Financial Projects

We have hit a few bumps in the road while trying to get the guys we work with self-sustainable. Planting season has caused a lull for Hannington’s lumber business and Geoffrey is waiting for a new license plate that was stolen to be issued for his piki piki that he uses as a taxi to make money. Trae and Adrianne are looking for wisdom on how to know what needs to focus their finances towards. We are also still in the beginning stages of planning for the financial project to support John’s school for children with disabilities. We are trying to decided which project would be best to start until we have more access to land and finances.

Communication as a Team

The two men who have opened up Bible colleges in different rural areas decided between themselves to work together and put the schools under the same organization. In Kenya, each ministry much have a certificate and instead of paying to make two separate ministries official, they have decided to come together and help each other. We are praying for continued communication as a team between all of us. Trae and Adrianne also desire to keep a strong and open relationship with all of the men we are working with.

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