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We are Missions Development Specialists in Africa. We create leaders and advance the Kingdom of God through teaching, discipleship, and the development of sustainable income sources. We are currently based out of Kitale, Kenya.

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Field Updates

Current Projects

Trae & Rural Leaders

Trae disciples indigenous leaders in rural Kenya, specifically helping four men to discover their visions. Two of them feel called to equip Church leaders in their communities. They started two Bible Colleges, where Trae provides logistical support, as well as creating curriculum and teaching classes. His projects also emphasize financial self-sustainability. Trae manages micro-finance loans to both of the college leaders to create sustainable incomes so the colleges can support themselves and be affordable.

Adrianne & Kiddos

Adrianne has a heart for working with both children and people with special needs. She desires to help them develop into flourishing members of society and learn how to live Godly lives. This year she will not only continue to form relationships and establish herself in the Kenyan community, but she will learn about the lives of Kenyan children in their society and issues that they face. Adrianne also works with Trae to develop local leaders, including teaching budgeting and computer skills and empowering women.


Us & Remote Tribes

Together we take trips to reach out to tribes in remote areas who are marginalized in Kenyan society. We participate in mobile clinics to reach those deep in the bush who would not have access to health care otherwise. Trae also occasionally travels far north to the nelgected Turkana region to do general ministry. While we are currently not actively working with these tribes on a regular basis, we have a heart for the people and are praying about our involvement with this demographic in the future.

About Kenya

The great thing about Kenya is I am always outdoors, & there are always so many sensory things happening. From inside my home I can hear birds singing, & when I go to the market there are colors, smells, & sounds everywhere. People don’t hide in personal cars like in the States, but instead everyone walks around or waves at each other from their motorbikes. It’s the ultimate people watching experience. Kenyans aren’t solemn people but are friendly & joyful, & church always involves a lot of dancing & singing like you would not believe. Stranger danger is not a thing, & kids love to run up & talk to me on the street. Kenyan society is very spontaneous, & just when I think I’ve figured it out, I realize I’m still learning. Also, two words: fresh fruit. All the time. Bananas are 1000x better in Kenya.


Living in Kenya is unpredictable, I never know what will happen or who I will meet. One day a guy gave me roasted corn, & another day a drunk guy threatened to hit me with a rock. Kenyans are warm, generous, & accommodating. It’s a very hospitable culture. Kenya is green year round, & the red dirt is a beautiful contrast. My favorite thing is the passion the people have for their community. They’re proud to be Kenyan & don’t want to live anywhere else. They love their families & their history. It’s a hard place to live & Kenyans are some of the toughest people I know, but they still have passion & joy. Kenyans come from a different place & culture, but they are just like me & my friends & my family. They struggle with the same things & want the same stuff out of life.


Blog Spaces

Because this website is primarily for new updates of what is happening with our missions work, we still maintain our personal blogs to share thoughts and issues more personal and close to our hearts. These blog spaces have been with us since the very beginning, and they are the history of our ups and downs experienced while following God overseas.

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Our Team

Meet Adrianne

Adrianne has her Bachelors in Social Work with a minor in Political Science from Wichita State University. She interned with the International Rescue Committee where she resettled refugees from around the world. There she learned her first words in Swahili from her clients (besides already knowing “jambo” from Mean Girls). She is also a Delta Gamma alumna and is passionate about empowering those who are blind and visually impaired.

Meet Trae

Trae graduated from Tabor College with a Bachelors in Christian Ministry. He discovered his passion for teaching (and that he was actually good at it) as a volunteer with a youth group where he led a Bible study. After surviving the rowdy middle school boys, he interned with his church fellowship for two and a half years. Trae has worked as a missionary since 2010 in Africa. He started with training in Zambia, but has lived full time in Kenya since 2013.


Meet Bolt & Dash

These furballs are the guard dogs on our compound. Their personalities strongly resemble those of Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Bolt and Dash are always attached at the hip, even when running, and we refer to them jointly as “Fluffy”. Not only do they protect us from giant birds and monkeys, but they are excellent company. Their favorite activities include sitting on our front door rug, watching us cook dinner, and sitting for homemade puppy cookies.

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